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Maybelline BB Stick Review!

            Hey guys! This is my first product review and I'm so excited! :D. I'm Emmy from Kolkata and I love anything associated with makeup! I wish to be a makeup artist one day! I'm a college student and hence i cannot afford premium brands! But i will try my best to review whatever I can! Thanks for stopping by! <3
        So! There seems to be quite a hype about BB creams in the market! When the awaited maybelline clear glow bb cream was launched in the market.. It didn't suit oilies! Next, garnier bb cream.. Good for oilies but no coverage! Next came the "Maybelline Clear Glow Shine Free Clear Stick With Micro-Minerals SPF 21 PA++". Firstly, why the python size name? :/ anyways lets see how it fares! :)

Maybelline BB Stick:- 




SHADES: Only available in 2 shades , radiance and fawn ! (I picked up radiance for my fair skin)




 It Provides 8 benefits in just 1 step!  
1.    Instantly brightens: Brightens skin to one tone lighter.
2.    Protects with SPF 21/ PA+++: Has a smooth, light & non-greasy texture.
3.    Evens tone: Hides imperfections & corrects uneven skin tone.
4.    Hydrates: Moisturizes all day (8 hours).
5.    Conceals: Perfectly conceals flaws, blemishes & redness.
6.    Smoothes: Instantly makes skin softer & smoother.
7.    Mattifies: Controls shine all day.
8.    Freshens: Resists sweat & sebum for 5 hours.


PACKAGING: Is it just me or does the packaging look super cute? Lipstick like packaging makes the product so easy to use! It is so travel friendly because of its compact size and sturdy cover. The shade of the BB cream can be identified with the sticker at the bottom , along with the manufacturing date. The ingredients and other details are provided with the plastic packaging that comes with it ( which i discarded cause of my impatience to use this cutie! )

( Note : I have layered it only once! )

  INSTANTLY BRIGHTENS SKIN TO ONE TONE LIGHTER: True! At first when i swiped the product on my face, it came out 2 shades darker than my skin tone. I was like, " Ewwww! ". Then

I started blending in the product with my fingers and it felt "Oh So Lovely!". To my surprise the product blended so well with my skin tone! It actually made my skin one tone lighter !

SPF AND TEXTURE/SMOOTHES: True! It comes with SPF 21/PA++ which is good for girls who do not like layering products on their skin *like me*. Texture is like rubbing feathers on your skin! Smooth, light and non-greasy! It even contains Salicyclic Acid which is said to be good for acne. I cannot comment on that, however, I have experienced no break outs!

EVENS SKIN TONE AND HIDES IMPERFECTIONS: True! It evens out my skin tone! I have a darker forehead and it evens out my forehead like the rest of my face!

HYDRATES FOR 8 HOURS: True! The product mattifies but at the same time it does not dry my skin out, considering my oily skin. It keeps me mattified yet hydrated for a long long time! ( i have tested this for 7 hours and seeing the results, it can definitely last longer! ) I have dry patches on my nose, it did not emphasize it! Dry skinned beauties can even use this product with a moisturizer underneath so not a problem! 

CONCEALS: ALRIGHT folks! Pay attention now! lol :P. For those who have bad acne like mine, horrible red angry pimples, it does not conceal them! It conceals the veins on my cheeks and conceals my open pores, giving it an airbrushed and flawless look! For acne, it does not conceal acne completely but it does make them look less red! I would say it is a medium coverage and can be layered :)

MATTIFIES/FRESHENS FOR 5 HOURS: Having horrible oily skin, I have noticed that I am oil-free for 4 hours with my neutrogena oil-free moisturizer as base. However, when i use the product over a primer, it keeps me oil-free for 5 hours! It does not oxidize or melt!

The YAY'S:

Smooth, softer skin
Blends well and brightens skin
Mattifies and hydrates for a long time
Evens out skin tone
Medium Coverage
Contains SPF 21/PA++ and Salicyclic Acid
Gives a flawless airbrushed look
Does not Melt
Convenient Packaging
Very affordable price!
Looks good in no flash photography

The NAY'S:

Only two shades available, radiance and fawn
Looks BAD in flash photography! (depends on your camera!)

Considering the humidity in Kolkata and the price you pay for the product, this product is a must-have for oily skin! Maybelline BB stick comes in a small lipstick like packaging. It evens out the skin tone and controls oil and serum and keeps the face fresh for 4-5 hours. It has medium coverage and can be layered. It contains salicyclic acid which is good for acne. It has SPF 21/PA++. Overall a recommended product for oily-skinned beauties! 5/5 ( considering the price you pay for such a good product! :D ).

Please Note: Products are only recommended through experience of my own. I do not support or endorse any brand.


  1. i was thinking of buying it but stepped back coz none of the bb creams worked for me (garnier,ponds),my skin wud become oily and blotchy.U cleared my doubts there
    ill check it out...only if i get my exact shade match

    1. Hello there Sadia! I have ponds and garnier too and they make me quite oily in seconds! Whereas maybelline fares well in this aspect. To make your bb cream last longer, make sure to apply a primer and set it with a good compact powder! Also, one should not be too crazy about oil control. Let your face breathe. If you get oily, blot with a tissue and reapply or use a fixing spray :)

  2. i always carry tons of tissue in my bag...anytime,any place..i hve a tissue in my hand for blotting.
    I tried lakme absolute mousse,and its gud in controlling oil,bt gives less coverage and is pricey too!!
    Will try this and let u know in coming days...i.e if u dont mind me being a ;-) :-P

  3. Haha! I absolutely do not mind! I'm enjoying speaking to you! If coverage is the issue then maybelline bb stick will surely not help. As for lakme, I have the absolute liquid foundation which I really like since it has good coverage and oil control and it is even cheaper than the mousse! :P

  4. Haha! I absolutely do not mind! I'm enjoying speaking to you! If coverage is the issue then maybelline bb stick will surely not help. As for lakme, I have the absolute liquid foundation which I really like since it has good coverage and oil control and it is even cheaper than the mousse! :P

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