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Budget Buy Review: Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder!

                      Hey guys! Summer is here and the humidity seems to increase as the days pass! Many of us give base makeup a pass thanks to the heat! Greasy skin like me? Read on to know about a product that fares well without burning a hole in your pocket! 


- Upto 5 hours natural shine control with natural minerals. Helps minimize the appearance of pores. Dermatologically tested.


Sandstorm ( what I have )
Silky Beige
Warm Beige
Warm Honey


0.49 oz 14 g


INR 195/-


                             I  always wondered why this was such a hype! Well, the hoarder that I am, I HAD to have it! After using it in all seasons, I know the reason why!
                    I have had good experiences with Rimmel products and this was one of them! I was always in search of an affordable compact. Something affordable and effective! This product does not look cheap despite its price tag! It comes with a transparent lid and the silver writing fades with time ( depends how you store it ). The cover is not sturdy because it does not have a screw or click system! Yes, the reason it is not travel friendly! I kept it in a separate purse so did not experience any messiness! No puff provided. I carry my own puff. It fits in the container without a problem.
                    Although there claim to be 8 shades which is quite a lot for a compact! I do not think that there are shades for dusky beauties! I have not seen all but online they seem quite pale! I bought the stay matte powder in sandstorm ( number 4 ).
                      You may not be able to see it in the picture but if you observe closely, you will notice very very minute shimmer in the compact. Don't worry, it is OTT and neither does the shimmer show on the face. If I think its completely alright then its not a problem! Cause I'm a matte freak! :P. The  texture is smooth and silky to touch. I find that I have to really swirl my brush round and round to get a decent amount of product on my brush! :|. However, with a good puff, you don't need much effort! 
                       I always found myself using this compact everyday. Now I look at it frequently because of other products that I am testing! When I swirl this product on my face, it's like a DREAM! I LOVE the finish! It gave my face a healthy matte look and minimized my pores just like it claimed to! It kept my face oil-free for such a long time! My face gets oily VERY fast but this product has managed to keep it oil-free for 4 hours which according to me is very good! It definitely lasted for 4-5 hours on my skin but with slight fading! This gave me a beautiful oil-free look during the winters without drying my skin out! It does not transfer if I pat my face with a tissue. It blends beautifully with my skin tone. It did not break me out or cause any irritation! Does not emphasize blemishes. 


- Affordable
- Minimizes pores
- 8 shades to choose from
- Blends well with the skin
- Lasts for 4 hours and keeps oil at bay (depends on humidity)
- Does not emphasize blemishes 
- Does not break out the skin or irritate skin
- Dermatologically Tested
- Contains natural minerals
- Gives a flawless look
- Amazingly smooth and easy to work with ( I use the buffer brush )
- Not in stores yet! ( Referring to Calcutta )
- Sets base beautifully!


- The shades available online might be a bit pale for dusky beauties.
- If it is very very humid, it will not live up to its claims
- You need to swirl your brush round and round to get decent amount of product on the brush ( It may only be my one that is acting funny :\ )
- It does not provide a compact. It's alright though!
- Clumsy packaging


I have used only lip gloss and a concealer on my face, topped with the stay matte pressed powder! 


                          Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder is one of the best compacts available for oily skinned beauties on a budget! The texture is smooth and silky. It gives a flawless look and minimizes pores and I think that is what some compacts fail to do! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT OVERALL! It's one of my HG everyday compact! I even love to set my base with this! 

Recommend? Definitely! 

Repurchase? Definitely! 

Rating: 4/5! ( -1, Does not keep skin oil-free for long in humid days! )

             What is your HG everyday compact? Did you use rimmel stay matte powder yet? Share your experiences below! :)

                            Thanks for stopping by! Much Love! <3 


  1. hello, i too stay in kolkata. from where can we buy rimmel london products in kolkata? i really want to try this matte powder...

  2. Hi Ankita! Thanks for stopping by! Rimmel products aren't available in kolkata yet! I have bought mine from ! :)

  3. hello...i have medium complexion with pink undertones..mac 40 to 37..can u suggest me which shade to choose..will "sandstorm" suits me??waiting for ur reply

    1. Hello there! Thanks for stopping by!
      The shade " Sandstorm " that I used is sort of light for me. A slight dusting of this is alright however, if I want more coverage, I do not use this compact all over my face except in winter when I become pinker!
      I would not suggest this shade for your skintone as a shade like 009 Amber or 10 warm honey would definitely suit you in both summer and winter! Besides, you should not opt for pink compacts or loose powders! Hope I helped! :) Thanks <3


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