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I'VE HIT THE PAN!!! Lotus Herbals Purestay Long Lasting Face Powder SPF 20

              Hey everyone, I'm back with a review and today I'm reviewing the Lotus Herbals Purestay Long Lasting Face Powder with SPF 20! Now that's a long name! Does the face powder actually lasts long like it's name? :P. Let's find out! 




Royal Pearl
Bright Angel
Royal Ivory
Hazelnut Star


9 g

PRICE: INR 595/-


Rice Powder, Corn Starch and Ginkgo Biloba



Lotus had taken out their purestay range last year but I haven't seen many reviews of it. Whatever few reviews I had read, was quite good and I decided to give it a try! This range of theirs is quite pricey! I wonder why Lotus? Let's take a look! 

This product comes in a classy pink packaging. The packaging is quite heavy because Lotus has looked into their packaging! The product comes with a pink cover to protect the packaging from getting scratched. It comes with a good size mirror and a useful good quality puff! Packaging deserves full marks!

The product is SO soft and smooth! Buttery like texture! I love the texture. Since the product is so soft, it crumbles when you swirl your brush. Hence a lot of product gets wasted. It also blends very well! One fine day when I swirled my brush, I saw I hit the pan! Which means I reached out for it quite often! I use it every sunday when I go out for dinner. 

This product lives up to some of its claims! It gives an absolute flawless complexion! Whatever marks left behind my foundation and concealer are all concealed by this face powder! Its a medium coverage. It sets my foundation well. It makes my skin look so airbrushed and fills up my large pores! decided to take photo's and my skin looked simply flawless and airbrushed. The compact does reflect back and sometimes it makes you look flawless while sometimes it makes you look ghastly! 


After half an hour of application, the matte effect is gone and dewy comes in. After another half an hour, my face becomes VERY oily! Oh my! Horrible! It was such a dream as long as it was on and then I see oil peeping through. What was worse was that it had faded a lot and my acne had started getting the spotlight! I was so disappointed in it! It was meant to last all day long! Is my skin is that oily? I tried it in a.c environments and the compact lasted a bit longer but I still felt a bit oily! It is suppose to have rice powder and corn starch! They are suppose to be good in controlling oil! :(. I tried changing my foundation and I had got the same results! Very disappointed in the oil control department AND ITS INR 595/- ! AND IT'S LOTUS! I should get decent oil control. 


- Medium coverage. Covers ALL minor imperfections.
- Flawless and airbrushed look
- Very soft, buttery and smooth to touch
- Blends very well
- Fills up large pores and makes them INVISIBLE!  
- Sets matte 
- 100% Vegetarian
- No preservatives
- Photographs very well 
- Useful puff and big mirror
- Very good packaging and shuts with a click!
- SPF 20
- 5 Shades. Shade selection is good for dark skinned beauties!

- Pricey from a brand like Lotus 
- The matte effect goes after half an hour on my oily skin
- Within an hour, the powder fades and the coverage fades. Skin imperfections begin to show again.
- A lot of product wastage because of it's buttery texture
The packaging might break! It looks delicate!
- Ingredients list is not mentioned


Lotus herbals have lived up to its claims of giving a flawless and airbrushed look with a buttery soft, easy to blend texture. It has SPF 20. It is 100% vegetarian and preservative free. It gave good results when freshly applied but within an hour I see a lot of fading and oiliness. Hence, this powder will best suit dry skinned beauties and maybe normal skinned beauties! 

RECOMMEND? Yes to dry skin. Girls with normal skin can give it a try.

REPURCHASE? No. Does not control oiliness at all!

RATING: 2/5 for oilies as the effect does not last long but the finish deserves some marks! It will definitely get full marks from normal and dry skinned beauties!

Did you experience any such experiences? 

Thanks for stopping by! Much Love! <3


  1. I was seriously banking on this!!
    I read somewhere dat its gud and worth d price... Bt no nt now!!
    I will go fr d foundation instead

    1. Haha! Its definately not for girls with really oily skin like mine! The foundation does not control oil either but the coverage and staying power is pretty decent! :)

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