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Review: Colorbar Picture Perfect Foundation Brush!

                      Hey everyone! Oh My Gosh! I feel like I'm blogging after months! Really sorry! My wifi got disconnected and so did the plug-in! Anyways, I hope no such problems happen again! This time I thought of doing a brush review! We all know the importance of investing in brushes for the art of makeup right? Go on to see how the Colorbar Foundation Brush scores!




          Colorbar has come up with a variety of brushes in their range! Blush brush, powder brush, lip filler, eye blending, eye smudger, eyeshadow and finally their foundation brush! Colorbar has surely understood the needs of modern women these days! It's not easy to find makeup brushes!
          Alright, so all the brushes come in an affordable price tag and super attractive packaging! I was really tempted to buy the blush and powder brushes because of their hot pink bristles! I am glad I did not purchase as there have been complaints of the brushes being too scratchy! So much for packaging! Anyways, I ended up buying the foundation, eye blending and eye smudger brush! Out of the three, I found the foundation brush to be least impressive!
            The handle of the brush is not too long. The thickness of the handle makes it easy to use to brush. The bristles are tapered at the ends. It is soft and does not feel scratchy! The brush does not get stained with the foundation and neither does it soak a lot of foundation. It is dense. The bristles are synthetic and I did not have any difficulty washing the brush or experience any shredding of the bristles! It dries fairly quickly and does not lose its shape after washing.
                 The biggest disappointment lies in the application of the foundation! Although the foundation brush had claimed so much and even looked like it could live up to it's claims, I found it completely off the mark! I tried using different types of foundation to utilize this brush but it just didn't click! I found it decent for blending my Lotus Herbals Purestay Foundation which is my everyday HG. According to what I have observed, I have observed that this brush gives a decent result with foundations that take a lot of time to set!  This brush seems to give different results with different foundation formulations! When I use fast setting foundations, application was very streaky and in the end I always had to use my fingers to blend in the product! For the price and from a good reputed brand, I did not expect such results! I love my faces foundation and concealer brush much more than this brush and it even comes with a price tag of INR 159! For me, this brush didn't click at all!

- Easily Available
- Doesn't soak up foundation
- Synthetic bristles
- Does not lose shape after washing
- Does not shred bristles
- Dries fairly quickly
- Dense
- Easy to wash
- Attractive packaging
- Good grip
- Comfortable handle length
- Decent results if used with slow setting foundations!

- Streaky application!
- Pricey if you compare results
- You get other brushes from other brands with a better price tag and better results! Sorry Colorbar!

                      Sometimes you just wish a product worked but it fails to deliver the claims! The same goes with this brush! I really expected a lot from this brush. It is no doubt of good quality but it is the streaky application which really makes me look over this product! I have three foundation brushes in total and I found myself overlooking this brush and using the other two more often!

Repurchase? No. I am happy with my other two foundation brushes which I love!

Recommend? No. I would not recommend as you can get better brushes at this price range!

Rating: 2/5 ( I did not want to give it a 2 ! But I cannot overlook the other good quality it possesses! It blends my HG everyday foundation well!  )

                    Thanks so much for stopping by and stay tuned! Please bear with me in all these inactive blogging sessions because of my internet! Sorry once again! Much Love! <3

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