Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Review: My HG everyday foundation ( Lotus Herbals Nourishing Purestay Foundation SPF 20)

              Hello everyone! Last time I had reviewed the lotus herbals purestay long lasting face powder with spf 20 reviewed here and today I'm reviewing the foundation! Whenever an oily skinned beauty finds her HG foundation, I make it a point to get my hands on it ( if its budgetted :P ). Read quite a few reviews about this foundation and I have my likes and dislikes about it! What makes it my HG? Read more!



SHADES: Same as the compact!



INR 595/-


30 ml


You must be like.. Hold on! Nourishing? Oily Skin? HG? Nuh-uh! Well, I thought the same thing when I came across the "nourishing" word. I have bought the shade bright angel and its a close match. This foundation comes in an attractive pump packaging! The foundation does not have a cover or lock system and hence you get a messy nozzle! I always make it a point to sanitize the nozzle and then use the foundation. I feel a little clean that way! 

The good thing about this foundation is that as you use the foundation, the base inside, goes up! Hence it ensures no wastage of foundation. Point to note, the pump does not work sometimes! It dispenses nothing, very little or the amount it should dispense! After dispensing, you will notice a little more foundation coming out but that's okay cause it's a tiny bit and can be added.

Warm up the foundation and use for best results. You can use your fingers, wedge, foundation brush, buffer brush, easy to blend. It blends well with the skin tone too. The consistency is quite thick. On application the foundation is on the dewy side but it sets to a semi-matte finish after some time. After powdering it is matte which turns dewy over time! It is buildable and has medium coverage ( does not mask major marks, acne marks or flaws ). It makes my skin look so natural, healthy and  flawless. I still reach out for my concealer if I'm going for dinner. If its something like college, I skip concealer so my skin does not look too done up. Setting this foundation is a MUST for oily skinned beauties as the oil control is not great! It keeps me oil-free for 1-2 hours. Although it is not good in controlling oil, it does not melt or oxidize which I LOVE cause many foundations oxidize on my horrible oily skin. It transfers very slightly. When I feel oily, I just take my tissue, dab and I'm done! It lasts for 6 hours. It feels really light on the skin and feels like you have nothing. 

I had read it in a blog that an oily skinned beauty used this foundation without any base or moisturizer and she got fantastic results and very good oil control! Using it without a base definitely feels less oily and gives oil control. But having such bad skin, I cannot skip a primer or my oil controlling moisturizers! This foundation has a particular smell which lingers for sometime! It's not irritating like revlon colorstay but not nice either! I liked it before but now I don't! Got fed up using so much of this product :P. Oh, this foundation went in my eye once and it stung for some time! :\

This foundation photographs beautifully during the day. At night, it flashes back slightly at night. If you do not blot or touch up, you look shiny and oily in pictures. It will definitely suit all skin types. Dry skin will need a moisturizer as the hydrating and nourishing effect won't be sufficient! OH! It did not break me out! <3


- Good quality at an affordable rate
- Natural, healthy, flawless look
- Oil-free
- Preservative free
- Does not test on animals 
- Thick consistency
- Blends easily with hands or brushes or wedges
- 5 shades 
- Nourishing
- SPF 20
- Feels light on the skin
- Works well without base on oily skin
- No transfer
- Does not oxidize
- Medium Coverage
- A very good weightless foundation for everyday
- It's 100% vegetarian
- Did not break me out
- Will suit all skin types. Dry skinned beauties will 


- Expensive from the brand Lotus
- Stung my eyes
- Not good oil control in humid areas
- Smell is a bit disturbing


Lotus Herbals Nourishing Purestay Foundation with SPF 20 is a great pick for those seeking for a good quality foundation at an affordable rate! It is medium coverage and buildable. It covers my skin problems to some extent and this would definitely give a flawless finish to those who have very less blemishes compared to mine! Although it does not fare well in the oil control department, it does not oxidize or transfer and last all day! Suitable for all skin types! 

RECOMMEND? Yes. Better for other skin types.

REPURCHASE? I got another bottle. After that, no cause I'm eyeing for so many other foundations! 

Rating: 3.5/5

( Update: The new bottle I had, the foundation had got spoilt and it was sealed! I broke out after using that)

Which is your everyday HG foundation?

Thanks for stopping by! Much Love! <3


  1. Great review Emmy! Your so pretty! One question though,hope you don't mind ,are you Chinesse ?
    or North Eastern? (Manipuri/Khashi)
    just asking! :)

    1. Thank you so much Juhi! I am Chinese! :)

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  3. I know it's been years, but can you do a swatch of the almond shade? IVe googled a lot but there really isn't a proper review for the shade if not a swatch


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