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Review: NYX Eyeshadow Base In White Pearl!

               Hey everyone, today I shall be reviewing the NYX eyeshadow base in white pearl. This was one of my earliest buy as a beginner! I found it while I was settling my vanity ( I'm a huge hoarder and never finish products fast ). I used it again and oh oh! Here's the review:




Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Mineral Oil, Microcrystalline Wax, Silica, Methicone, Nylon-66 Dipentaerythrityl Hexahydroxystearate/Hexastrearate/Hexarosinate, Ricinus Communis(Castor)Seed Oil Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Octyldodecyl Myristate Ceresin, Polyethylene, Frangrace, Butylparaben Tocopheryl Acetate, BHT Titanium Dioxide(I77891). May Contain: Iron Oxides(CI77491), Iron Oxides(CI77492), Iron Oxides(CI77499), Mica.


White Pearl
Skin tone


0.25 7g


I bought it for INR 499/-


NYX comes in a cute white jar packaging made of plactic. Sturdy and travel friendly. My fingers fit in just perfectly. If you have long nails, you will not like it!

White Pearl is off white in colour with lots of shimmer particles in it. The other two don't have shimmer! I wanted to purchase skin tone but skin tone and white were out of stock everywhere and online white pearl looked off white with no shimmer. Anyways, I like the texture of this product. It is creamy and creamy products just make me want to swirl my finger round and round! :P. On applying and spreading the product, the product blends like a dream. So easily and smoothly. It sets partly non-oily. 

This product does not work alone on pigmented lids because it is translucent and had shimmer particles. This product sets VERY fast. Apply, blend and its set! A very little amount is needed. When I first tried it in the beginning, I took too much product and blended it on my lids. DISASTER. I looked like a disco ball. I tried to remove it with a tissue and handkerchief and DISASTER PART 2 follows! Once set, it does not bulge BUT the glitter travels everywhere if touched. So funny :\. Do not touch your face after application. The product residue on your finger will transfer glitter to your face. Disco look is not in! :P. Alright, so there I was with my disco ball lids and la la la la la I spent my day. I come home and guess what? DISASTER PART 3. It smudged like crazy on my oily lids and oh it even made my smudge proof liner bulge! Makeup disaster! (P.S: I made too many disasters! :P)

I got so angry and just threw it away somewhere and it comes up again! Truth, I CANNOT throw products unless I use it up. It pains me cause I buy from my pocket money :P. The ones that I tell my parents or family to get are products that I have investigated for months! :P

So NYX comes up and says, " I know you want me, You know I want ya! ". I go, " NO! You caused me disasters 1,2,3 and its going to be 4 ".

So, the person that I am, I decided to use it. I always use to crib for good highlighters and white liners. Why not use this on my tear ducts and lower lashline? Bad idea! I messed it up a bit and I could not redo cause it sets fast and I was getting late for college. I used very little product this time. The base had opened my eyes so much and made me look so awake and thank you shimmer particles or irritating my eyes! ANDDDD ITS SUPPOSE TO BE HYPOALLERGENIC AND CRUELTY-FREE. I felt like a was the experiment or rabbit :/. I don't look at the mirror at college because I want to spare myself :P. So I come home and head straight to the mirror. It was still there. BUT, it blended with my eyeliner and together became grey! EWWWW! DISASTER PART 4.

 Best way to use this product is with a brush to avoid glitter travelling everywhere! 



- Easily available online
- Affordable
- Smooth
- Applies very easily
- Blends easily
- Available in skin tone colour 
- Enhances eyeshadows 
- White pearl works well as a highlighter for tear ducts and lower lashline
- Cruelty free
- Hypoallergenic


- Only 3 shades
- Creases quite badly on oily lids
- Does not set to a complete non-oily finish
- Jar packaging
- Glitter travels everywhere
- Sets really fast and might not be your 5 minute makeup routine!
- Too shimmery for me! Even if you powder over the base, the shimmer peeps through.
- Shimmer irritates my eyes through out the whole day! 


NYX eyeshadow base in white pearl is a off-white translucent base with lots on shimmer in it. It has a smooth consistency, easy to apply and blend and sets to a partly non-oily finish. It is available in three shades. White pearl is not suitable for oily lids or sensitive eyes 

RECOMMEND? Only to non-oily lids! Oilies would be better without it! 

REPURCHASE? No. One jar is enough and I don't look out for it much!

RATING: 1/5. I completely disliked the product! :(. I gave it a 1 for the little good stuff it had! 

Thanks for stopping by! Much Love! <3

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