Friday, 14 June 2013

Review: Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel

               Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying the cool weather! Lately my whole sleep routine has been going for a toss and hence my reviews are getting delayed! Due to such horrible sleeping habits, I have puffy eyes, fine lines and horrible dark circles. I have slightly oily under eyes so I was just searching for eye creams that would work for my under eye. Eye creams also act as a base for concealers. I saw this product get some very good reviews and some mixed reviews. Some claimed that it removed their dark circles while the others claimed it did nothing! What did I think about this? After using it for months, here is my review!



PRICE: INR 115/-



Cute tube like packaging! I wish it was transparent cause sometimes I feel like no product is left and sometimes loads of product comes out! I keep it stored upside down for product to flow down.

Using eye creams or gels may not necessarily mean you're getting old! Sometimes when I use moisturizer and eye cream, people are like " You're just 20! Relax! ".
It makes me wonder what is the hype about applying makeup or having a skin care out here? If you apply a bold colour lipstick, you have heavy makeup on! If you have a good skincare, people think you are unable to accept that you're ageing! These thoughts are so annoying and I get to hear all this every time from people! =\.

I do not have the best fingers and nails I know. Sorry lol.

As you can see, I was just about to take a little product when the product decided to come out like that! Its transparent as you can see. This product needs to be massaged gently till it is completely absorbed! It does not get absorbed super fast. If it is not massaged well, it feels a bit sticky. Otherwise it settles into a non sticky finish.

This product when absorbed, keeps my under eye feel nourished and blending concealer becomes easier. Concealer does not settle into my fine lines as much too! I have noticed that white residue is left behind after massaging the eye area. Not a problem as it can be rubbed off with your fingers. 

It did not do anything to my dark circles. The major letdown! It did nothing to my fine lines either! I have puffy eyes at times when my life is miserable but its only temporary. It goes away in a day so I cannot comment if it helps in puffiness. It is soothing to my eyes when my eyes are puffy =]

Even though this product did nothing much to my dark circles and fine lines, I like it. I'm just 20 and the reason for my dark circles is my diet and sleeping routine. My fine lines were because of the days ( as a beginner ) when I use to pull my under eyes to take out water proof kajal and eye pencils. 


- Affordable
- Easily Available
- Makes the under eyes feel nourished and soothes my under eyes
- Works as a good base for my concealer
- Non sticky finish
- Contains many natural extracts
- Travel friendly
- Long lasting


- Sometimes nothing comes out or everything does!
- If not massaged well, it tends to be a bit sticky
- Did nothing for dark circles or fine lines

RECOMMEND? Yes. For those who want to use an eye cream for everyday or a base for concealer. No, to those searching for extraordinary results!

REPURCHASE? No not now. I got another product in store for me! Plus I want products with good results.

RATING: 3.5/5 ( -1.5 for no results, funny discharge of product )

What's your favourite your favourite eye cream/gel?

Thanks for stopping by! Much Love!<3


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