Monday, 24 June 2013

Review: Jordana Color Effects Eyeshadow Powder

               Hello everyone! I have been avoiding LOTD's lately because my right eye has swollen up really badly. Don't know the causes of it but I hope it gets better so that I can do LOTD's again! I realised that I didn't do any eyeshadow posts out here so today's three posts are all budget buy eyeshadows! Well all my post's are! :P. I've read good reviews of this one. I didn't know you get Jordana products or other good products in the smallest of cosmetic shops! So I just went to one of my favourite cosmetic shops to ask if Jordana was available. I bought quite a few products and I really like Jordana products! :D 



QUANTITY: 2.66 g 

PRICE: Don't remember! It was around INR 190-230! 

SHADES: Many good shades! :D

You can buy it HERE. 


This eyeshadow duo comes in a sturdy packaging. Major disadvantage, no mirror or applicator!

The product is very very soft and smooth. Amazing pigmentation for the price you pay! I don't usually apply eyeshadows without a base cause of my horrid veins that peep through. I can't really comment on how it would fare on bare lids! I ALWAYS create a base for eye makeup, be it with my faces eye primer reviewed HERE. or just concealer with setting powder. This has lasted for 6 hours with fading in the heat with my concealer and setting powder. When I use my faces primer, it lasts for as long as I want it to! I love my faces primer! :D. 

Whether you use a simple applicator, your fingers or your eyeshadow brushes, it won't let you down cause it shows up well with all types of application! This duo needs to be carried with a seperate brush! I don't like carrying brushes in my bag as it gets messy and neither do I retouch. The only thing I would retouch ( very very rarely ) is compact, lipgloss, lipbalm and maybe kajal! Some of you maybe like :O! Yes I know! What to do! People stare at me like O.o. That's why I like long lasting lipsticks and all that! 

The purple is one of the most beautiful purples ever! I have wanted that purple since ages! The baby pink is very common. I bought it simply for the purple! :D. They both have shimmer. Very very subtle! Doesn't look OTT! Makes the eyes look pretty :D. 

Overall, I love the eyeshadow duo and I LOVE the purple in this duo! Good pigmentation too! :). ALSO, Jordana is a well known brand in USA and many parts so I'm not scared to apply it on my eyes! :P It does not irritate my eyes or crease :D 

I have used it in my LOTD HERE.


- Affordable
- Two eyeshadows in one
- Good pigmentation
- Soft and Smooth
- Glides very well on the lids
- Shows up well on the lids & blends like a dream
- Lasts for a good amount of time with concealer and powder as base
- Sturdy packaging
- Does not irritate my eyes like some cheap eye shadows 
- Does not crease


- No mirror or applicator included
- Not easily available


REPURCHASE? YES! I want all the colours! BUT its not easily available! :(

RATING: 4.5/5! <3

Thanks for stopping by! Much Love! <3

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