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Review: Kryolan Cake Liner In Black

               Hello everyone! I haven't been blogging since the past one week and it felt so pathetic! What I noticed was that my reliance 3G goes off on the 29TH TO 5TH EVERY MONTH! Which means no blogging for a week! :'(. So many reviews left! Starting off with kryolan cake liner now! I have heard a lot of things about this cake liner but did I like it? Read on! Oh and I have decided to make my posts shorter :P!



PRICE: INR 400/-


This product comes in a compact like packaging. The cover shuts with a click and it is travel friendly. 

The product in the packaging appears to be a jet black but it looks lighter due to lighting in pictures. I was really looking forward to use the product. 

This product cannot be used as an eyeshadow as it is very difficult to get a good amount of product on the eyeshadow brush or your fingers. See the swatch below:

The shiny part is due to primer. Sorry!

So, I sprayed water on my angled brush and took little product on my brush and tried to line my lashline. This product appeared dark grey! It was that light! then I sprayed again and swirled my brush round and round till it was loaded with product. I applied it on my lashline then and it gave a decent black result! 

Next, I decided to dampen my brush with my faces eye primer reviewed HERE. The results were much better and my cake liner appeared much darker! I found that I did not need to swirl my brush as much when I had used it with water! Now I only use it with my primer when I want to go for subtle lined eyes. 


After multiple swipes with water (L) and primer (R).

I did not like the results of the cake liner and I was wondering what made others like it so much? Maybe I got a bad piece! :(. I tested the liner for 4 hours and it was intact in the heat and on my oily lids. It will definitely last longer!

It is very time consuming to use it as a liner so now i use it as a brow powder and I love it! Since it is not jet black, it makes a lovely brow powder. Even those with jet black eye brows will be able to use it as it is very buildable. As brow powder, I have tested it for 4 hours and it remained intact. It will last longer! I have used it as brow powder HERE. 


- Easily Available
- Available in many shades
- Multi purpose ( liner and brow powder )
- Good quantity
- Affordable
- Travel friendly 
- Lasts for 4 hours plus
- Stays well on oily lids too
- Subtle colour payoff and hence its appropriate for everyday wear!


- Very time consuming
- Product is REALLY hard ( maybe I got a bad piece )
- Not jet black 


Kryolan Cake Liner is a travel friendly product. It is very time consuming to be used as a liner and does not give the blackest black result. It is a very hard product and cannot be used dry ( maybe only my piece ). It fares well as a brow powder. It lasts for 4+ hours in the heat and on my oily lids. 

RECOMMEND? Not unless someone is searching for a subtle liner and to those searching for a good brow powder.

REPURCHASE? It will take me ages to finish but yes I will to use it as a brow powder!

I HAD to update as I bought the Cake Eye Liner sealer and used it with the cake liner.. results? AMAZING! So dark and once it sets, it STAYS on the lids till you remove it! It feels slightly tight on the lid but its really smudge proof and everything proof! I rubbed my eyes and it was still there! Plus, it's multi purpose! I LOVE IT!

RATING: 5/5!

Do you like cake liners? Do you prefer it over liquid and gel? 

Thank you all for stopping by! Much Love! <3 

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