Monday, 24 June 2013

Review: Lotus Herbals Botanical Eye Shadow in 530 Coco Fudge!

                      Hello everyone! The eyeshadow palette that I'm reviewing now is a great budgetted neutral palette for everyday wear! I use this palette quite often! There's another lovely neutral palette which I will review later on. I am reviewing this one since its very easily available! :D



VARIANTS: 3 variants 


This product has a very classy looking packaging. It's red, sturdy, has a cover for the eyeshadows inside, a huge mirror and TWO applicators! 

A lot of work has gone into the packaging. The sponge tip applicator is of great quality! Washed the applicators a number of times but it did not give any problems. The tiny brush picks up decent amount of eye shadow and blends it decently. It's alright though!

Three eyeshadows are provided. A medium brown which reminds me of complan every time I see it :P. A very nice golden, which looks good after swatching. A beautiful dark brown! Its one of the prettiest browns you can find! They have the Lotus design on it. I don't like spoiling designs on eye shadow and stuff! It begins to look less pretty! I'm one of those who would buy makeup simply for it's packaging! :P

The eye shadow however was a bit dissappointing! They are okay in pigmentation. Not GREAT but chalega ( will work ) :P! The complan shade is least pigmented. You need quite a lot of product of that one to make it show on your lids. The other two have decent pigmentation! They are smooth to touch. When I do eye makeup with this, I find that I have to dip my eyeshadow brushes more since it is not as soft or pigmented as the other eye shadows in my collection! 

Also, out of the three eye shadow variants, I found only this palette to be good in its colour selection! 

It lasts for 4 hours with quite a lot of fading with concealer and setting powder as base! It does not crease. It does not irritate my eyes. It is ophthalmologist tested. It has botanical extracts. They all have slight shimmer which is not OTT!

SWATCHES: One swipe each! The first one, complan colour needed two swipes and it still didnt show up much! 

Overall, a good budget buy for office goers! You can get better pigmented eye shadows with the money but if you are one with sensitive eyes or contacts or anything, this one would be a good option since it contains botanical extracts and is ophthalmologist tested!


- Affordable
- Easily Available
- Good packaging
- Decent Pigmentation
- Decent colour pay off
- Decent staying power
- Smooth
- Blends well
- Ophthalmologist tested
- Contains botanical extracts
- Good neutral palette
- Did not irritate my eyes


- The variants of this palette is not very appealing
- One shade does not have good pigmentation compared to the others
- Need to dip your brushes a lot to get good amount of product on your eyes
- Fades quite a lot by 4 hours! 

RECOMMEND? Yes to sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. NO to those who can use anything on their eyes :P! You can get better palettes and eye shadows at this price!    

 REPURCHASE? NO. I have found an AMAZING AND VERY VERY AFFORDABLE neutral palette from a korean brand which I made my best friend buy too and she loved it! :D 

RATING: 3.5/5. I didn't LOVE this palette and neither do I HATE it! :(

Thanks for stopping by! Much Love! <3

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