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Review: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse!

                       Hey everyone! Maybelline has really been surprising everyone with their affordable and good performance ranges! I have been tempted to buy almost everything but I am actually avoiding hoarding! Unbelievable eh? :P. SO! I bought this product long time back. It has a certain history to it. My Aunty who does bridal makeup and hair dressing and all that jazz used it on me long time back on a wedding and she said it is a good foundation for my skin. My skin looked so flawless and hid so many imperfections of mine! 
                I decided to buy the foundation and give it a try on my skin. Here is the review! 



PRICE: INR 575/-


Classic Ivory ( what I am reviewing )
Sand Beige
Pure Beige 
Honey Beige


The packaging is really cute! I liked the packaging! It's really sturdy cause I dropped it quite a few times and it did not break. Good for careless me!

The product is so soft and smooth to touch! Make sure the cover is always tight or this product gets hard! It is so easy to blend this. With fingers, sponge, brush everything! Just apply few dots and blend! DO NOT put a horrible thick layer on your face or you will look 20 years older! The key to flawless face is applying less and building up little by little!  

This product gives full coverage. Covers all imperfections. I have noticed that when I use the mousse on my face, crumbles of mousse fall. So much product wastage! Oh and when it is applied, it is much lighter than the skin tone. So always keep options for another shade! AND EWWW! It settles on dry flakes on your face! HAVE TO prime!

This product stayed put for 6 hours with fading on my oily skin and in the heat with primer. My t-zone became oily in 2 hours in the heat. It does not oxidize on me. It transfers.

It sets completely matte. It photographs well during the day without flash. With flash, not so pleasant!


- Flawless coverage 
- Full coverage. All imperfections covered
- Stays put for 6 hours 
- Does not oxidize
- Affordable
- Easily available
- Travel Friendly
- Easy to blend


- Not picture perfect with flash!
- Too much crumbling and product wastage
- Controls oil for only 2 hours max on oily skin
- If gone overboard, you look 20 years older
- Settles on dry skin and flakes! Ewww! 
- Priming is a MUST
- Transfer
- Difficult to choose the right shade
- Product gets hard if not covered tightly


Looks nice during the day doesn't it? I used a primer + setting powder
I got some pictures with flash and you cannot see my nose. Hence I did not put it up! -.-'


Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse was made for oilies but it lacks in the oil control department. It is travel friendly and gives a beautiful and flawless coverage. It is soft, smooth, silky in texture. It can make or break your face so be sure to prime well, build up little by little and blend it well. A lot of product crumbles and hence there's a lot of product wastage! Choosing your perfect shade would be quiet a task as it sets on lighter. It photographs well in natural light and NOT flash! 

RECOMMEND? Yes to those who want flawless skin and don't mind the oil control. No to dry skinned beauties.

REPURCHASE? No. It lacks oil control.

RATING: 3/5 ( Yes, I completely dislike products that cannot control oil! A lot of product wastage, bad flash photography, transfers )

I don't know why but whichever maybelline foundation that I used till date, did not score well in the oil control department! Is it only me? 

Thanks for stopping by! Much Love! <3

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