Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Review: Basicare Eyelash Curler

               Hello everyone! It is said that a girl MUST have an eye lash curler and a mascara. When I was a makeup noob, I threw away some nice mascara's because it did not curl my eyelashes! When I was suggested to use an eyelash curler by my funny shopkeeper, I simply rejected it saying it is useless and that mascara does all the work! I WAS WRONG! I always wondered what was it that made girls love them! Even, I was intimidated by that scary looking tool! It looked like I was in Saw and I had to take my eyeballs out to free myself! =\. This lead me to buy the Basicare Eye Lash Curler! 



PRICE: INR 115/-

Don't know other things cause I lost the packaging! =[


These eyelash curlers are so bulky ufff! =\. I never find eyelash curlers travel friendly unless its the mini one!

Firstly, my eyes are so tiny! This eyelash curler does not fit in my eye area well and hence my inner lashes are never curled! ='[. I sometime's press my eyelid! OUCH! so hurtful! These eyelash curlers come with a spare pad which I like.

The handles are self releasing. If you press the handles together and leave them, it immediately goes back to its normal position if you know what I mean! That way you can control how long you want your eyelash to be curled and even remove it from your eye area if you squeeze your eyelids instead! =P. 

 See below! I have no makeup on so please don't mind!

As you can see, I had 0 lashes and the eyelash curler did make my lashes visible! BUT did it click?

No, not for me! I was really disappointed in this aspect! To get that curl above, it took a lot of time! I curled my lashes 4-5 times to get that curl. For me, its definitely not for those dramatic curls! It certainly performs better  with my HG mascara but if I am going for a more natural effect, it performs decently! It will be suitable for those who have really long lashes and just want a decent curl! For those who have lashes like me and want a dramatic effect, this is not for you! 


- Easily available
- Affordable
- More control in curling eyelashes because of the handle because it is self releasing
- Extra rubber pads provided


- Gives a natural curl ( con for some, pro for some )
- It does not curl the inner corners well
- It takes a lot of effort to get a good curl

RECOMMEND? Yes, to those who don't want a lot of curl.


RATING: 3.5/5 ( Marks reduced for the effort you need to put to get a decent curl and not curling the inner corner! )

Do you know of any eyelash curlers that give you a dramatic curl? Please share your comments below!

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Much Love! <3


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