Monday, 22 July 2013

Review: Jordana Eye Primer!

              Hello everyone! Now I will be reviewing my very FIRST eye primer that I really like! Another product from Jordana! I have quite a few Jordana products that I love because of its price tag and quality! 



Enhances the wear and color of your eyeshadow

Ingredients list and expiry date is missing! 

SHADES: Jordana say's 2 shades available. I haven't seen the second one! It is supposed to be yellow toned!



This product comes in a screw packaging. The moment I saw this in the shop, I HAD to have it! I was a beginner and I wanted to know the wonders of an eye primer. Plus, my favourite shopkeeper had two pieces! I asked him the price, 140 he said, I thought I heard wrong but nope! =D

There was a problem of the base moving that was faced by many bloggers. Many thought it was packaging problem so did I. I was upset to find the packaging this way until one day I was playing with screw drivers and found out that the packaging is made convenient for depotting! I really liked the fact that I could depot it with so much ease! So it's not a problem at all now! 

Firstly, it's pink! Totally not for dark skinned beauties unless you are opting to go for heavy eye makeup! When you touch it, the texture is completely confusing! It is something like rubber! You have to warm it up really well to get a good amount, prevent tugging and spread it out! This was a bit of a task till I decided to use a little damp brush! The application was easier and better. 

It feels a bit sticky on application which goes away after some powdering. Once I used it over powder since I forgot to apply primer and it looked horrible! 

It POPS up eyeshadows really well! I tested this in summer and winter. If you use A LOT of this and you have oily lids, it will definitely crease badly when your lids get oily. If you apply just a bit of it, eyeshadows last for 4 hours with good intensity after which you might notice a bit of creasing. Winter has a better scenario. For that price I really don't care! :D. Therefore I use this the times when I will not be out for long! Not for a function or occasion! Oh! It brightens my eyes and covers the veins!

See the swatches under least pigmented eyeshadows and a pigmented eyeshadow!

Yes, it really does POP them! LOVE! <3


- SO affordable!
- POP'S up eyeshadows! <3
- Extends the wear of eyeshadows
- Brightens eyes
- Covers my veins

- Not easily available
- VERY weird formula
- This shade will not suit dark skinned beauties
- Creases on oily lids if used in excess
- Will not last for long functions! 
- Takes time to blend and not for 5 minute emergencies!


REPURCHASE? Got 2 already!

RATING: 4.5/5! ( Did not like the formula one bit! It was the most disappointing part! BUT I LOVE THE POP IT GIVES! Okay, I will shut up with the pop! )

Thanks for stopping by! 

Do you own any cheap eye primers? Please Share!

Much Love! <3


  1. Looks like you have hit the jackpot! I myself had been looking for this primer and located this on healthkart. But they are running out for the last few months.
    Which store did you find this beauty in?

    1. Yup you are right! Lots of sites store certain things and when you want them, it just vanishes! I have brought my one from AC market. The cosmetic shops at the basement that sell VOV, Miss Claire, Étude, etcetera. I think I saw more of this primer.
      There are three cosmetic shops in the basement. Check there! Be ready to explain to them what you want! Even though they have many wonderful products, they are clueless! :P

  2. Where can I find this in Mumbai?

  3. Where can I find this in Mumbai?


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