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Review: Kryolan Translucent Powder in TL4

               Hello everyone, today I will be reviewing a translucent powder that I wear in all my looks. I had read really really great reviews about this product. I thought of giving it a go since I have oily skin. I had reviewed a budgetted loose powder which performs decently, i.e, Lakme Rose Powder reviewed HERE. Did I like it? Read more!



This classical powder preparation is characterized by it's fineness and high degree of colour neutrality.

Translucent powder contains a large share of modified rice starch, unique in its specification. It assures great absorption power and enhances the durability of make up on the skin. Translucent powder is outstandingly suited for all professional applications. The fine powder particles produce a comfortable pleasant wearing feeling. 

SIZES & PRICE: 20g ( INR 400/-), 60g ( INR 800/-), 500 g (refill) .

SHADES: Love the shades!!!! 12 Shades!!!! View them HERE.


The packaging and container has a transparent hole through which you can see the shades which I loved! It has 16 holes! YES! 16! If you have difficulty with 5 holes in a container, imagine 16! SUPER MESSY! I left 4 untaped and I STILL can't manage the mess! A lot of product comes out so be careful!

TL4 is yellow toned and will suit most skins! I bought a strong yellow toned loose powder as my foundations have quite a lot of pink in it thanks to my previous 0 knowledge of foundation shades. SA's ALWAYS show me pink foundations! They say I am pink! I AM NEUTRAL! Argh! I get fed up! I spend half an hour arguing about shades and giving lectures on undertones to them LOL. I hate foundation shopping attimes! =\. ANYWAYS, let's move on! :(

The powder is finely milled and feels smooth and silky to touch. It makes my pink foundations look more yellow toned and my foundation shade problems are gone! :D. It sets makeup beautifully, minimizes pores to some extent and sets matte. If you go overboard, you are going to cut some birthday cake! ( sorry if my joke was lame. I meant to say it cakes LOL ). 

Now, the oil control lover that I am.... I expected non-oily skin for the whole day! Ridiculous no? Of course! Cause this powder does NOT control oil the whole day if you are an oil factory! It makes my skin oily in 2 hours depending on weather conditions and if its more humid, expect lower! It even depends on your foundation type and a lot of other stuffs! It sets my foundations, Kryolan tv paint stick and kryolan dermacolor camouflage creme reviewed HERE. Beautifully! It is very easy to blend.

I love using this because of it's shade selections, fine milled texture and it's way of setting foundation. I blot my oily area's with a hanky and tissue. It does transfer quite a bit but not to the extent where you have nothing on your skin. This powder does emphasize dry areas. It did not irritate or break me out. If you have extremely oily skin, it won't last the whole day ( specially when its very very humid ). It will stay on the face for maximum 4-6 hours on very very oily skin like mine. During winter, it certainly performs better! It has a light to medium coverage. No SPF. Photographs well. 

As you can see, the dry area's are not taken care of! It makes my hand look nicer though! :P. For face swatches, check out my LOTD'S and Tutorials! :)


- Affordable & Reasonable
- Good quality, finely milled
- 12 SHADES! ( The best yay! )
- Soft, smooth, silky, easy to blend.
- It sets foundations and concealers well
- It lasts for a good amount of time too! It even has a smaller size and a refill.
- It minimizes pores to a certain extent.
- Light to medium coverage 
- Photographs Well


- Does not control oil very well
- Can cake if overdone
- Settles into dry patches
- Transfers a bit

RECOMMEND? YES, for those searching for a good quality loose powder that sets base makeup beautifully and for those who do not have very oily skin.

REPURCHASE? YES & NO. YES for the shades and NO because I want to buy the ANTI-SHINE POWDER next! I found out that Anti-shine has no hint of colour at all! =[. I'll most probably buy both. A big tub of anti shine and a smaller one of this! =D. 

RATING: 4/5 ( -1 for the nay's listed ).

Which is your favourite loose powder?

Thanks for stopping by! Much Love! <3 


  1. I am looking for a finely milled powder to set my concealer. I think this one might be worth a try. Although the packaging is a bummer :(

    1. Hi Harman, packaging is definitely messy but this product is good. You won't regret!
      Thanks for stopping by my post! ♡

  2. great review. I quite like Kryolan TL powders :)

  3. I use krylon dermacolor DO camouflage cream for birthmarks... I used to use dermacolor setting powder but wondering if I can use dermacolor translucent powder instead.. Will it work just as good or better for making the makeup last longer

    1. Hi dear! They all almost work the same! ♡

    2. Try to apply rice flour. Soon you will see result.

  4. Hi
    I have a fair skin. Then which shade of kryolan translucent powder will go with it.
    Thank you

    1. Hello Doll.. you can try TL4 (which I reviewed) as it is a good yellow toned translucent powder. However, there is another one from this range with no colour. You can try that as well! Thanks for stopping by! ♡

  5. What you think about tl1? Does tl4 gives a fair complexion? Actually I m looking for kryolan translucent powder after application of foundation which is of kryolan. But I don't have pressing powder. Tl1 is colorless and gives shines(as per reviews by people). That's why I m confused between tl1 and tl4. What u suggest 1 or 4.
    Waiting for your reply.

    1. I would recommend TL1 as it is colourless. If you have really oily skin, you can go for the Kryolan Anti Shine loose powder as well! :)

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