Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Review: Lotus Herbals Basiltone Toner

               Hello everyone! I'm reviewing today a toner that I am loving on my skin! I've had not so great results with toners. Actually, I never really found the need to use a toner when I was far from the makeup world. Now, I cannot live without one!



PRICE: INR 225/- FOR 100 ML


This product comes in a pump packaging which I LOVE! It's hygenic and dispenses good amount of product. I need 5 sprays to dampen the cotton decently and put it on my face. It has a transparent cover which does not come out easily so it is travel friendly.

The toner smells of vegetables! =P. I dislike veggies but this smell is alright and refreshing and goes away after sometime. After applying, after a few seconds, the toner leaves the skin feeling oil-free and fresh. It does a good job of taking out dirt and residual makeup cause my cotton ball always becomes dirty even after I wash my face or use no makeup! 

It does not mention of alcohol content in it so it is most probably alcohol free. I have huge pores on my face and I haven't seen any decrease of pore size. It does not prevent black heads or pimples.

I have tried applying this even when I did not wash my face. It took out dirt and kept my skin oil-free and fresh! What I like about this toner is that is does not drain the oil's out of my face. It sets non-oily but skin feels slightly moisturized. This toner will not suit dry skinned beauties. It does not have great oil control. Mostly 1 hour depending on humidity and when the weather is slightly cool, 2 hours. Which is alright for a toner! I can't expect everything to have good oil control now can I? =P

This product never irritated my konky skin which changes its type like a girl changes clothes =P. It has paraben! There are hardly any products here that are paraben free so my face must be having a 1000 parabens on it! =\. Anyways, let's head on to the YAY'S and the NAY'S! 


- Easily available
- Affordable
- A great toner specially for combination/oily skin
- Leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean
- Smells refreshing 
- Does not dry your skin out! <3
- Most probably does not have alcohol content
- It has a good amount of cucumber, basil and neem as shown in the ingredients list.
- Can be used after splashing your face with water or anytime of the day when skin feels oily as it does not make skin dry
- Travel friendly and a pump dispenser that works beautifully <3


- Contains parabens
- Will not suit dry skin
- Will not prevent pimples or blackheads

RECOMMEND? YES. To those who have very oily skin but little blemishes.

REPURCHASE? YES. At the same time, I want a toner that will prevent pimples and blackheads! 

RATING: 5/5! ( I won't minus any marks as it does not claim to prevent skin problems! ).

Does anyone have suggestions for good toners that prevent blackheads and pimples? 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Much Love! <3

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