Friday, 16 August 2013

Buyincoins Shopping Experience!

              Hello my beauties! I know I know! I have been extinct! Not that blogging became boring for me but cause my computer crashed and cause my exams are coming up! My exams are taking place from 29th August to 2nd September. After that, I shall blog regularly again! Yay! Okay so I had recieved my parcel last week and I was admiring this beauty since then! Whenever I receive or buy something new, I don't know why but it takes a lot of courage for me to dig in the product! It's just that products look better when they are new! LOL =P. If you love colors and love seeing haul posts, this is for you beautiful! <3. Saturday when I got up, this was right beside my pillow! That feeling! <3

I had bought this product from . It was my first time buying on an international website but after this, I don't have that fear anymore! Let me tell you more about this wonderful site! buyincoins is a China based online shopping site. You enter the website and you will be amazed buy the goods sold there! They sell a variety of goods, clothes, accessories, jewelry, makeup, etc.! PLUS, at a really affordable rate! I LOVE! <3. I had placed my order on the 19th of July. The product was shipped on the 21st of July and I received the product on 10th August! I was impressed by the decent shipping time! I had expected it to get delayed but I was wrong! I even liked how buyincoins would update you about when they dispatch your products in your account. They even send you a picture of your parcel and hence gives you some feeling of security!

The only con with this site is the payment option! If you love COD like me, you will not like it! What I ABSOLUTELY LOVED was the condition of the product! Not a single review had stated that the product was in a good condition! Some had their eyeshadows or mirror broken! When I opened, the packaging, I was impressed by the careful and thorough packaging! See below! 

The product was wrapped in two large sheets of bubble wraps!

 Next was thermacol packaging, cellotaped.

Aaaahhhh! We are finally there! 

Look at that beauty! The eyshadows were covered with two transparent wrappings! 120 shades! They look so much brighter in real life. This was taken with the transparent wrapping and hence they look less intense! All the eyeshadow shades are different! It looks the same but it isn't! Some are very pigmented while the others are alright! I totally love this palette! It was my dream to buy this palette for few years now and now I'm so happy! :D

One product down my wishlist! :D <3 

I do highly recommend shopping from! If you are patient enough to receive your product, do give this site try! 

Did you ever shop internationally? How was your experience? Do you have this palette already? Share below!

Thanks for stopping by! Much Love! <3

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