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Wicked Witch Eye Makeup Tutorial

                     Hello everyone! I'm so busy lately that by the time I'm home from college.. I'm fully dead! T.T. Anyways I got a request for my very first LOTD and I was SO excited! :D. I only did the eye makeup part as my skin is going through a pathetic time! Sorry my reader! :(
               Although I cannot do the face, I will give you the base makeup in details and go ahead with the eye tutorial. Before that, let us get a glimpse of the evil witch/spirit or whatever she is! Oh you know the serial finished? :O Even in the dying scene, the evil witch had amazing makeup on! LOL :P OKAY. STOP. A reminder of how she looks! 

She's such a stunner..... No! I'm not a lesbian! 


When you see her face.. the first thing you notice is how matte it is! I don't know why but I just feel like her face spells KRYOLAN! Maybe I like Kryolan products a bit too much! :P. Alright so her base is FLAWLESS. You will not see a single mark on her face. In my condition it is impossible since I have really bad skin atm. Her base is strictly matte. She is mostly seen in red lipstick and her blush always matches the shade of the lippie. 98% of the times you will see her in the above look. Her blusher and lipstick is matte as well most of the times. 

Apply your base with a buffing brush and buff it in for an airbrush finish ( If you have large pores ). If you have good skin, go in for a lighter coverage and use your foundation wedge or paddle brush for an even coverage. Concealer is SO important here. Reason? That black eye will make you look like a raccoon! Please conceal. Even correct and conceal ALL redness as the red lippie and blush will make your acne more visible! I used very simple everyday products and my skin is always in a bad phase. If I had to do the makeup again with my existing products, these would be my picks....

1. Colorbar Perfect Match Primer
2. Kryolan TV Paint Stick 
3. Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation
4. My Korean Bronzer instead of blush ( Since I do not have sharp features like Anamika )
5. Nice Shop Duo Brow Powder for those dark brows
6. Kryolan Lashes TV 2
7. Gala Of London Lipstick No. 315 Dreams. Its SUPER cheap and SUPER pretty! I got so many gorgeous reds but I'll go with GALA since it's my current favourite :P.
8. Maybelline Gel Liner as my base 
9. Faces Metaliglow Primer reviewed HERE.
10. Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate.

Here's what I use for the eyes! 


1. PREP & PRIME! PAAP MAAT KARO! ( Don't sin :P ).

2. Tightline your eyes and line them. It does not have to be perfect.

3. Extend your liner towards your brow. To get the sharp and accurate look, tape the side of the eyes.

4. If you have hooded eyes like me, you will have to draw your fake crease using your eye pencil. If you have prominent lids, just trace the socket of your eyes.

5. Fill the empty spaces with the eye pencil. ( Reminds me of "incomplete" by Backstreet Boys! * Piano Part*....Empty spaces.. Fill me up with holes kohl! Sorry if that was lame lol! :P ) 

6. Take a matte black eyeshadow. No Chumki! Pat over the area's where you used your eye pencil/ gel liner. Almost the whole of your eye lid and your lower waterline. Take black eyeshadow on your blending brush and blend the harsh edges.

TIP: Do your base makeup after this eye makeup as there will be fall out. Pat black eyeshadow for better intensity. If you already did your base, put lots of loose powder below your eyes and dust it off later OR hold a tissue under your eye :).

7. Apply a white eye shadow as your highlighter. Do your brows.

8 & 9. Apply Falsies and you are done! Wasn't that easy? :D

I hope this tutorial helped my reader! If you have any queries or want to know about product substitutes, you can surely comment below! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Would you like me to do more of makeup tuts? Share your comments below!

Much Love! <3

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