Thursday, 12 September 2013

What I'm Loving This Month! :D

                  Hello Darlings! No, I am not makhan marofying (buttering). I am so sorry for such a late and short post! 2nd Year of college is so hectic AND I have geography! Yes I know, Ewww. I have absolutely no time thanks to my horrible schedule but my posts will be quite short and stuff so please bear with me! 
                  I recently hauled a bit. Yeah yeah nothing new I know! I have discovered and learnt new things in makeup and also improved in some aspect and hence my edited photo's! :P. Very soon I shall be putting up a post on heat proof makeup and makeup for monsoons since the rain is so unpredictable. This post has products that I'm using quite often this month depending on the weather. Now I shall keep my mouth shut and let the pictures do the talking! :P

These are my favourites this month! Hope you enjoyed my tiny post! 

Thanks for stopping by! Share what your favourites are below! :)

Much Love <3

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