Friday, 14 November 2014

My Experience with Bharat & Dorris!

                  You may have the best makeup products out there in your kit but hey! What's the use when your application makes you look like you used hair brush on your face? I did not and will never invest in brushes that will burn a hole in my pocket because..

I am unemployed

I am a spendthrift


My purse just doesn't seem to like 4 digit numbers!

So for those of you who can totally relate to me, continue reading. If not, you can still continue to read if you're bored or want to maybe spend. Oh, this review is going to be long too! :P

                   So while searching for good quality affordable brushes, I read about Bharat & Dorris brushes which are suppose to be really great and I was dying to get my hands on them. Surprisingly, they are now available online! So I ordered them. More surprisingly, the website had really bad reviews which made me panic like crazy cause I spent quite a bit! 

                   So there I was, ordering like no tomorrow. I think I edited my cart a 100 times cause I wanted all the brushes :P. They even have some makeup products and I totally forgot to buy their mattifying cream cause I read great reviews on it. They have various payment options which is easy and convenient. Everything seems a breeze till.....

                     You finish ordering. Firstly, when you opt for net banking, even if your money transfer is done, at the end of the email, there was a note saying that there was security error and illegal access and I was absolutely clueless. At the same time I got an e-statement from my bank account saying that money was transferred. I received no email after that for about 2 days ( I had placed an order on 18th Nov ). I had sent two emails, but I got no reply. After I lost my head and sent another angry email and decided asked for a refund, it was then the customer service cared to reply to my email and ever since, they have been in touch, not only through email but also through whatsapp. They claimed to have been working on the e-commerce of their site and hence the delay of the order. I do not blame them for order delay but a customer's email should be taken into regard and replied back ASAP. However, I am glad that they did make a lot of effort to keep asking me on whatsapp if I had received my parcel which I really appreciated.

                               So there I was, thinking everything would be al right and things became pretty pathetic as there was now a problem with the Courier service. I had received my order almost a month after. Why? Durga Puja and Diwali was being celebrated here and the courier service was not active. Understood. Done. After that? more delay. Why? My house was locked for two days. Even if it was, they could have just called? Muharrum and Guru Nanak's birthday followed soon and the bank was closed. Done. After that? Still no parcel. Why? Their office had got raided. Even ordering from international websites were much faster. I finally received my parcel after Guru Nanak's birthday thankfully and there it was......

Is that a letter or a parcel? I was quite a bit surprised as well! I was expecting a bulky packaging with bubble wrap so it was quite disappointing. I just wished that my brush was intact!

These are the brushes that I had ordered and reached me safely:

1. Foundation Brush No.58 ( INR 790 )
2. Liquid Foundation Brush No.49 ( INR 550 )
3. 2 pieces of Eye Buffer Brush No.63 ( one for concealer ) INR 450 each
4. Complimentary Gifts- A lip gloss and a lip pencil

And a letter which had a very uneven edge.....

                       It's not that I am extremely fussy and always whine. I just feel like the little things should be kept in detail! Also, the lip pencil kind of created a mess in the envelope which I am sure is because of the courier service! 

Why I would shop again:

1. Great brushes at affordable price
2. Good selection of makeup & brushes
3. Convenient payment methods

Why I would think twice:

1. Very poor courier service
2. Customer care needs to pay more attention to customers needs
3. Poor packaging. There should have at least been some bubble wrap! :/

Would you shop from Bharat & Dorris?

I don't think I'd shop from here if I wanted my parcel before a particular time. I'd shop however for the good quality and affordable items!

Much Love,

Emmy <3


  1. Point noted. Next time I go to Mumbai, I am purchasing the brushes from their. Can you include the price list in the post please? And review the brushes soon!

    1. Updated! Sadly, I never went to Mumbai and not sure about the future either so online shopping is my only hope! I had expected quite a bit as B&D is a reputed brand you know! There should be a sort of standard! :(


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