Thursday, 13 November 2014

The Vanishing Act Of Mine and My Enlightenment!

              Oh yes! I hear some of you saying that the title is totally appropriate and I take blame. Blogging took a back seat for tooooooo long. I think my priorities seemed to be edited and now, I am trying to get back on track again. I see how much commitment is needed to be a successful blogger and I really salute those who are so committed to blogging! What made me bounce back?
              A blogger friend, Nivedita. How? It was when I was going through her blog and commented in one of her post to which she replied and asked me why I stopped writing. That very sentence really made me want to get back on track! Why did I stop writing? I questioned myself for days. I wanted to create a blog but why create if you can't even write? the past one year has been extremely hard on me. I'm not referring to my exams. It was also because of the demise of two dear and loved ones who are extremely close to my heart. It left me shattered, feeling lost, lonely.. just so horrible! I had my families visiting, guests and friends visiting, totally packed schedule. I started suffering from insomniac, health deteriorated. It was one of the worse years of my life! 
              Now let's look into the brighter side.. tons of hauls and shopping. I have even improved quite a lot on my own makeup skills compared to before! There is always room for improvement so I look forward to learn more in the future as I am not a trained makeup artist or anything! Also, I had done makeup for a small photoshoot that was held somewhere near my area and it was a beautiful experience! I think I'll do a separate post for it because it is quite interesting! This coming week too, I would be doing makeup for my college fashion show. The theme being " Colours of Life ". Super exciting cause there's gonna be tons of colour on the stage and I love some colourful eye makeup! ;) 
              I cannot promise that I will write a post everyday but I will make an effort to not disappear for so long again! Nivedita, I can't thank you enough for springing up the question! It was like an enlightenment that was dawned upon me! Like the tata tea advertisement.. jaago re! :P

Much Love!

Emmy <3


  1. I am both touched and concerned.
    I am touched because of your candid acknowledgement and I am also happy that I could give you that necessary nudge you needed to move on.
    I am concerned because of your state you mention. I wish I could help you. you might wonder why I do care. I do care about people around me and you are very gifted. I would have asked what happened. But I am not sure if you would be comfortable.

    Let not the shopping only make you happy. Hope you find happiness in everything you do and get back to the steady pace again.

    Whatever is bugging you and giving you insomnia, do work on that. Suffering from it for a long time, insomnia from trauma can be difficult.

    Hope to see you around more frequently girl!


    1. Awwww! You are such a sweetheart Nivedita! Thanks so much for your support. It means a lot to me!
      Much Love <3


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