Thursday, 4 December 2014

Maybelline Electro Pop Lip Balm Electrifying Enough?

                  Well, after I thought I had enough lip balms for the next few years, Maybelline decided to tempt me with their new launch, i.e., the Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop in four shades. I have three of them. Look at them and tell me you don't want them! 

L-R: Oh! Orange!, Pink Shock, Berry Bomb

Tough no?
That was more than enough to make me buy them! Are they worth the hype? Lets see!


Sheer color and shine
8h continuous moisture
Clinical strength lip balm

INR 165/-


Oh! Orange! How I wish you were only more orange! I was really let down with this one because it transfers to a peachy nude shade on my lips which is slightly pigmented ( even after I swiped multiple times ).

Out of them, Pink Shock was my favourite. It looked beautiful in person and gives a very pretty pop of pink to my face. 

I had expected Berry Bomb to be the "Bomb" ya know? I expected a real good colour pay off with this one and we can see how it turns out.

These lip balms glide on smoothly to the lips and makes your lips look so healthy by minimising the lines on your lips. They can survive light snacks and need reapplication every 2 hours. Since it is getting colder, these are not moisturising enough. I am sure they would fare better in the summers. 

I don't know how on earth it turns up so neonish and bright on other bloggers. It is said to be similar to Revlon Lip Butter and I totally DISAGREE. These are much sheerer and lasts for a lesser amount of time. You need to swipe so much to get the tint like the pics above and hence it will not work for pigmented lips.

They also smell BERRY nice! I can sniff them all day!


Honestly, I think I'd only buy Pink Shock. Plus, their quantity is lesser than the original baby lips. These do not have any spf either.


Much Love,

Emmy <3

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