Monday, 12 January 2015

My Acne Story, Problems in Social Life & Why I Am Called The Makeup Box.

                  A very strong title ain't it? I have been dealing with acne ever since I was 15 years. This story is not narrated to you all to get sympathy or anything. Rather it is one where I want to give confidence to all women who deal with it. 
                  Ever since I started dealing with my acne, I had noticed that not only did it take a toll on my self confidence but it also made me go through an extremely tough social life. I was called names like "pimple monster, ugly" and was made fun of. This made me look so desperate for a change in my skin that I switched to multiple skin care brands. I started putting makeup to hide my acne but it only turned out to look bad and hence I was called " makeup box". Below are the pictures, be prepared! 

                          Not a pretty sight eh? Imagine me trying to hide all that with the lakme perfect foundation in the wrong shade. All the more than epic fail but it was the only budget one I had in hand! I was guilty of a number of habits like:

1. Touching my acne and squeezing it which I regret till now. 
2. Not drinking even half a litre of water. 
3. Eating puchka and junk food everyday without fail.
4. Stress & depression. My face went cray when I was very mentally stressed.
5. Washing my face 10 times a day with a harsh oil removing cleanser. BAD idea. NEVER do that if you have acne skin.
6. Listening to SA's and their product claims. 
7. In winter my skin use to become like the picture in the right. This was because I never figured out my skin care routine for winter and trust me it's not even easy!
8. Sleeping without properly removing my makeup when I was a makeup noob. I only used some random creams to remove it and washed my face. 
9. Not using sunscreen. Trust me, it's SO important!
10. I use to only wipe my mobile screen with a cloth. Dirty screen= Acne formation on the cheeks.
11. I wanted to go for acne medications and everything but everyone just tried to tell me that it would go away with age. DON'T believe this.
12. Dimethicones. Products with dimethicones as the first ingredient, I try to stay away from. If it is third or fourth in the list, my skin can take it.
13. Shampoo. Yes. Some shampoos broke me out REALLY bad.
14. Not removing my hair from my face. Shampoo ingredients were anyways clogging my pores and they were always on my face cause I lacked confidence!
15. Not tying my hair up and sleeping.
16. Not scrubbing and using face masks or moisturisers.
17. Not using a separate towel for my face.
18. Genes
19. Keeping hair oil overnight but it totally did not suit me
20. Although I was regular at washing brushes, I failed to sanitise them after every use.

And now presenting the present condition of my skin:

                       Even though my skin is still not flawless and has pigmentation, scars and large pores, I am extremely thankful to have skin like this. I don't want an extremely flawless face because I am happy with this skin and have the confidence to step outside like this. My skin care routine is so simple that you don't even need to spend so much. Also, I had made sure to change all my bad habits stated above. You don't need a heavy duty skincare routine. Keep it simple. I currently use:


Dr. Batra Tea Tree Face Wash/Lakme Clean Up Face Wash (green)
Aromamatic Skin Toner
Rustic Organic Aloe Vera Gel


One complicating weather for my skin cause the weather just fluctuates here

Dr. Batra Tea Tree Face Wash
Aromatic Skin Toner
Johnson's Baby Milk Lotion/Rustic Organic Aloe Vera Gel or both depending on the temperature


Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash LOVE it!
Lotus Herbals Rose tone Toner/ Inatur Herbals Cucumber or Aqua Rose Toner
Rustic Aloe Vera Gel on scars, acne, etc
Olay Serum plus Cream Duo for the day & Olay Night Cream 7 in 1 LOVE them <3

My favourite sunscreen is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock. The days when I want to go out without makeup, I use Lotus Herbals Tinted Sunblock. If I do not apply sunscreen, my skin becomes very bad and my body skin develops rashes! Maybe I'm a vampire..........Nahhhh! I wish :P

For my under eyes I use Rustic Aloe Vera Gel during the day ( this product is everywhere in my list lol ). I even use Himalaya under eye cream at night.

Lips: Nivea or Maybelline Lip Balms during the day and a thick layer of boroline at night. Thick means a layer which makes my lips look SUPER pale. I look like a buri ( old lady ) :P

Scrub: Himalaya Neem Scrub/ Lakme Clean Up Scrub ( Green )/ Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Scrub.

Face masks: Himalaya Neem Face Pack/ Himalaya Mud Face Pack ( for winter )

I think I covered everything! Do let me know if you guys want to know any other routines or products that I use! Just remember to keep your routine simple and less complicated. If you can spend then it's absolutely no problem :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Much Love,
Emmy <3


  1. a true beauty inside and out :))))

  2. Wow, thats impressive, loved your style of writing, ur skin now seems to be really good :)

    1. Thank you so much Preethy! Much love <3 :)

  3. great routine :) I will look for Dr. Batra tea tree facewash :)

  4. Motivating to read your story. It's nice that you have found a skin care regime that works.

    1. Thank you so much Sangeeta! Thankfully I found products that help to control my acne and fade the scars. I do not stick to the routine however as I tend to change facewash and toners. I can't stick to one product! My Olays are however always in my routine! ♡


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