Monday, 9 March 2015

Bharat & Dorris Brushes Worth The Trouble?

                  Hey everyone, if you read my posts, you must have read about my Bharat & Dorris Haul. I faced a lot of trouble with the service ( courier rather ) as you all know. Was it worth the trouble? We all know how important makeup application is. So when I come across a good brand with affordable brushes then why not? Let's see! I bought 4 makeup brushes and I had received 2 complimentary gifts.

1. B&D Foundation Brush #58 (INR 790)

This brush comes in three sizes. Small, Medium and Large. I am so sorry but the website has removed the price tags on their products recently and I am not sure why! Any ways, this brush is super soft. Distributes powder well, applies powder foundation well, blends everything into place. I would not recommend for liquid foundation because after one wash, the hair flares and it sheds quite a bit. You can get similar brushes in different brands at an affordable range so I wouldn't say it's a must have.

2. B&D Liquid Foundation Brush #49 (INR 550)

The foundation bristles are shorter and firmer compared to the few I have in my vanity. I have used this for both cream and liquid foundation and I must say that it does it's job very well. It gives a good medium coverage and does not give any streaky application. Even after washing it a couple of times, the bristles are still as good as new with zero shedding. Also, it looks quite nice for the price. Feels slightly luxurious :P. If you are searching for a good quality foundation brush with an affordable price tag, go for this! :)

3. B&D Eye Buffer #63 ( INR 450 )

After a MAC MUA, applied the pro long concealer on my face with a eye buffer brush, I wanted one without the huge price tag. It was then I decided to go for two of these brushes instead of one. Why two? eye buffing brushes are so difficult to find! I am glad I bought two. This brush is so soft. It doesn't poke my skin or eye like the Vega Eye Blending Brush. Eye shadow blending? check. Buffing concealer? check. Applying highlights or contouring the nose? check. Then what was left unchecked? the after wash effects. The bristles flared like a bad hair day. I really liked this brush though. I feel it's great as we don't get good brushes here! It is worth the try definitely!

4. Complimentary Gifts

The lip pencil is a beautiful shade. Similar to that of Colorbar Thrilling Pink Velvet Matte Lipstick . It lasts for 4 hours. However, it is very drying and has such a funny shape that cannot be sharpened.

The lipgloss looked so cute in the tiny packaging and it was a lovely coral. It is very sheer and last for 2 hours.

Now that I have reviewed the brushes, which one would you pick? Do you know of any affordable tools? Do let me know! :)

Much Love,
Emmy <3.

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