Monday, 18 May 2015

EOTD: Date Night/ Romantic Eye Makeup & Tips!

                  Hey everyone! My ancient computer and network has been giving problems so I might suddenly vanish =| Anyways, I'm back with an EOTD. Pink is one of the shades I usually stayed away from but I always admired how beautiful it looked on other's eyes and I thought I'd create a look with it and I must say that I am very happy with the outcome cause it look so beautiful, fresh and very girly! You can pair this with a little pink blush and a pink gloss/lipstick. I was wearing a pink dress so I thought it would look TOO pinky. It seemed perfect in the end so no worries! Grab your pink eyeshadows and other pinky makeup! ;]


By any means, do NOT experiment before your date. You might end up leaving like a panda or staining your clothes or even end up with half a falsie hanging from your eyes. Not pretty girls!

If you plan to wear falsies, choose one which has thin bands instead of a very thick one. They are lighter and more comfortable.

All girls love rainbows but not the guy on your first date. Please do not go with extra bright eye makeup. Not that I hate bold looks, I love them but I feel less is more on your first date! ;)

Okay, a haul is awesome but it's advisable to go for makeup products that you trust. What is the new products have an opposite reaction? You don't want to spend your date itching yourself or anything.

Waterproof makeup maybe. What if you are meeting up with an ex? Or see him cosy with someone at the same place? Take no chances!

Smell good. No, don't get bees gathering around you. Smell as fresh as possible. 

No chipped nail polish. Date or no date, it does not look very presentable.

No new haircut. What is your hair dresser was not present that day and you went to a new place? Also, no new hair colour, unless you tried it before. No experimenting on yourself without any experience. I had done that once and I had to wear a hair band for so many weeks!

Clean, presentable shoes. Unless you plan on falling ;)

There should be no wardrobe malfunction. Keep safety pins.

           Okay, so all these tips sound like you are going to a convent school but these are just tips! Most importantly be comfy in what you can be no worries. However, if the guy doesn't seem to like you for you then call it a night and show him the way to the exit =P

If you want a tutorial or know what products I've used, please comment below. What are your date must haves? Please share!

Much Love,
Emmy <3

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