Wednesday, 20 May 2015

LOTD: Aishwarya Rai Cannes Festival Makeup 2015

                  Hello everyone! The only thing that most girls would check out at the Cannes festival would be the outfits, hair and not to forget.. the makeup. There are always some hits and some misses. I am not a person to keep up with such events and stuff but I do like seeing images of these events in the magazine and online. However, I feel that Aishwarya Rai is taking Cannes quite seriously since last year. She is a beauty and nobody can deny that. I really liked this particular makeup of hers. See below..


I really love the colour of the gown ( Ellie Saab ). The gown itself is pretty but it did not at all suit her frame and why those shoes? Okay we are suppose to talk about makeup * focuses *

Her skin is matte and flawless. There is some contouring going on but not the in your face kind of contouring.

I LOVE the eye makeup. Something so simple and yet striking. A very simple look to do. You just need that striking turquoise green eye pencil/liner. 

I may not be Aishwarya... but I liked how it turned out! =P

I literally struggled to get that lip colour cause I usually kind of stay away from deep plums. The lips turned out quite dark in person. It looked very similar to Aishwarya's but photographed lighter. 

I did not have a turquoise eye pencil. Cool. So I just mixed a blue eye pencil with an emerald green shade and voila! I got the shade! In the Pic, Aishwarya does not have super dramatic falsies. I could not find my natural pair of falsies so I settled for this and it looked great! 

My base was full on coverage. To get that glow like Aish, I decided to use two shades of foundation. Result? love it but too tedious lol. Brows were a bit too much for me but it got balanced after the whole look was completed. Also, I used a very light touch of blush and contoured my nose and cheeks a bit. 

Lastly, I raided my wardrobe to search for a matching outfit and a matching pair of earrings. 

If you want to know the break down of the makeup I used or have any request, feel free to tell me and I will try to make it simpler for you =]

Much Love,
Emmy <3.


  1. I did not like the coordination of the gown and the makeup. Considered separately they are pretty.

    You have done an amazing job with the makeup. I think, makeup-wise, you have replicated the look very effectively.

    You may not be Aishwarya, but Ilyou have not only done everything perfectly, but also look no less pretty!

    1. You are too sweet Nivi! Thank you so much! It means a ton to me <3
      The makeup and gown would have look much prettier seperately. I agree on that too but it is definitely better than some of her looks! Aishwarya Rai is sometimes a big hit or a big miss. I think her look in Cannes last year in the RC gown was the best!


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