Monday, 22 June 2015

BeautyJoint Online Shopping Experience!

                  Hello everyone! What bothers me the most when it comes to makeup? YTbers raving about products everywhere but are far from our reach. SPECIALLY in Calcutta. When I do get good deals on products, I make it a point to just grab it instantly after a good bargain of course. Anyways, let's just head on to this website that I discovered. Is it the ultimate solution for hoarders like me? Read on!

                 Don't all of us love parcels? Okay. I had stumbled across this website after googling ( the answer to everything )
" international makeup shopping websites ". Enter. My mindset that moment:

BeautyJoint? Let me just click on it and see. 
I won't buy anything. 
Just checking to see. 
I see NYX, Maybelline, Milani, Jordana, L.A many!
The price is SO reasonable!
I bet they will charge a HUGE shipping amount.
Wait, the shipping isn't that bad! You can even check it!
I might just pick up this and this..
$72. Oh my! That's too much! Reduce.
Nope. $64? Reduce Emmy. You don't need 10 concealers and bronzers.
Okay $36.71. Let me convert. Looks good to me. Shipping?
$8.49 for standard shipping based on weight. Good enough.
Insurance? Should I? It's my first time so I might just..$2.99. Not bad.
$48.19 ( INR 3,073.23 ). Great!
Shipped on the 6th of June.

The parcel could be tracked within the USA. It took a little time to update though. I waited and let me tell you that I am not a patient person when it comes to parcels. 

It was the 15th of June and I was telling my cousin that the parcel did not arrive and she told me," It comes at the time when you least expect it ". Just after that, the door bell rings and the guard gives me the parcel. Was that coincidence or magic? I do not know! =P

It was my building guard telling me the parcel came in the morning. I was confused. 

Woh aadmi kuch paisa liya? ( Did that man take any money? )
Nahi ( No )

Yes I was surprised! No customs? That was an awesome feeling! I opened my package and the goods were packed in bubble wrap. All in good condition.

1. NYX Brow Gel in Brunette ($7)
2. NYX HD Eyeshadow Base ($7)
3. Jordana 2 in 1 Concealer and Foundation in 04 Natural Beige ($4.99)
4. Milani Baked Blush in 11 Bella Rosa ($8.49)
5. Jordana Eyeshadow Pencil in 04 Continuous Almond ($3.99)
6. L.A Colors Eye Shader and Blender Brush ($2.25)
7. L.A Girl Pro Conceal in GC973 Creamy Beige ($2.99)

They were all sealed with a plastic covering which I really prefer cause I do not want to use unsealed products. They did not come with price tags or anything like that. I have noticed this in whatever international online shopping I've experienced. No date of manufacture. However, expiry after opening is printed on all products. This might be a gripe for some. I have already started using the concealers and brow gel. So far they are pretty good for the price but I am yet to test them for a longer period of time!

YAY'S of BeautyJoint:

A huge variety of goods.
Very reasonable prices 
Can check your shipping charges
Ships to most Countries
Fast service
No customs
Sealed and bubble wrapped products

NAY'S of BeautyJoint:

No tags mentioning price or date of manufacture


Please note: This is only MY experience.

Do let me know if you want me to review any product first or had any experiences with BeautyJoint.

Much Love,
Emmy <3  

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