Monday, 21 September 2015

FOTD: A Heartfelt "Power Of Makeup" Transformation!

                  Hello everyone! Today I thought of doing a post that is slightly different. We all know about how makeup massively transforms someone's look and we've seen tons of tutorials. Most of them I've noticed, is usually a very dramatic transformation. I thought of doing an unusual one where I want to show you guys the little things that actually make quite a bit of a difference! Be prepared.....

A very very subtle transformation isn't it? You may not even be able to see much but here are a few pointers:

  • My skin obviously looks MUCH smoother, lively and even
  • Eye brows look fuller 
  • Lash line looks fuller and the eye is more defined
  • Lips have colour and looks more healthy and hydrated
  • My under eye looks more rested

Serious Issues Now:

I have a lot of people telling me about how much makeup I put and it is a lot because I love bold dramatic looks. Not everyone is experimental but do not try to criticize someone who is. All my readers love my looks so it doesn't bother me much. When I see posts and comments about how girls put too much makeup and that they should be "natural" really annoys me at times. The "natural" beauty they talk about in actresses and posters.. they do not know how much makeup work goes into it! You may have the most "Natural" makeup on but what if your personality and character speaks otherwise? I believe everyone is beautiful with or without makeup. There are days when I will go with nothing on my face because I feel like it. Don't even get me started on posts that claim to take your gf for "swimming" on the first date. Either you love the person for who they are or you don't. Silly talks about how "bold makeup" speaks "cheap character".. I am sorry but the person to judge is actually proving their character! 

Why I got into makeup the first place:

The reason is because I have been battling acne since I was 14 years old and I was bullied by almost everyone I knew. It wouldn't go and so I had to rely on a temporary solution. Everyone use to even make fun of eyes and nose and crack those super lame jokes about chinese people. It just shows how you get happiness out of someone else's insecurities and sadness and speaks a volume about your immaturity. I do not crack any jokes about anyone's insecurities or race or sadness. I simply say, "That joke has become pretty old. Tell me something new and maybe I'd be entertained? " or "Wow, you seriously need to grow up. Were you born yesterday?".

It's not only makeup but can be anything like maybe weight or height or any other problems. Do not judge because you do not know what they are going through. Everyone has a flaw. No one is born perfect. Period!

Sorry for the long post but I REALLY needed to post this and give confidence and positivity to all my readers and bloggers. Do not sham and bring other's down.

If you have any similiar experience, please share and spread the love! Lets all support each other! 

Much Love,
Emmy <3


  1. i liked your post emmy :)

    1. Thank you so much for liking my post and thanks for stopping by! Xx

  2. Emmy never care what people say. I am married and some times I do get remarks on my acne / weight and even skin color from some relatives and get compared !! I pay no attention to them.
    Your beauty is your heart and that all matters. People who say that we put too much make up, they don't know how to put on make up themselves, hence the comment.
    Cheers to the power of make up and we are artists who knows how to play with it. Come back soon with one of your amazing creations :) I keep waiting for them really.

    1. Very beautifully said! Sorry to hear about your experience. It is so saddening to see people put down others. Truth be told, majority of them really don't know the techniques and I agree with you!
      Also, in my last post I did a festive makeup look.. I'm coming up with more! Thank you for all the love and support Shampita! ♡ xx

  3. I wrote a whole post about how in my teenage years when I had so much of pimples, they would invite queries. Even today, when I get a zit or two, people ask, "What happened to your cheek?", or 'What's that on your face?", rather than feeling uncomfortable, I ask them what they think it is or if they have never seen an acne or worst, if they don't like the sight of it, they can simply stop staring.

    Body shaming is a strange cult. I don't think it would stop. Actually, people like to pick on whatever they can. About being 'natural', that's just stupid! Just ignore them.

    I love the tranformation, but it's quite subtle and you are so pretty!

    1. Exactly! I have faced a lot over the years and I just get to the point of giving sarcastic answers to people.
      Body shaming is something I cannot bear at all! It seems like if you are healthy, you are considered to be fat and given tags. If you are thin, it's the same game of giving tags. There are people who crack jokes on me like, "If I blow, you will fly". To which I reply, "Okay blow and let's see if I fly". LOL :P
      Thanks Nivi for being so supportive! I just wanted this to be a different transformation focusing on the smallest details. Maybe in some post, I can do a dramatic transformation! <3 xx :D


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