Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Nominated For The Liebster Award! Who Are My Nominees?


 Hello everyone! It is a great pleasure to announce that I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Sangeeta, blogger of Beauty Nyx. A Liebster Award is an online award given to bloggers by other bloggers as a token of acknowledgement for the hard work done by them. 
                  I have been a beauty blogger for 3 years now and just this year, my blog started coming up. I actually stopped blogging for a year because of some very personal reasons but also because it was simply demotivating. Why? Because I had posts with 0 comments and 0 readers. I thought of deleting my blog as well until my first blogger friend Nivedita, blogger of Makeup & Chit Chat gave me the push I needed. I cannot thank her enough for this! Soon enough, Sangeeta was very kind enough to acknowledge my blog and comment regularly. Sangeeta too blogs about beauty and I do like her honest views on the products. This award is extremely motivating! Thank you Sangeeta! 


-Thank the person who nominated you and comment on their blog.
-Include a link to their blog.
-Nominate 10 bloggers that you think deserve the award and notify them.
-Answer the 10 questions you’re given and give 10 more for the bloggers you nominate to answer.
-Make a copy of rules in your post.


1. Why did you start blogging? 

-It was after my ISC exams when I had 3 months of gap with nothing to do. I thought of visiting youtube and saw this lovely purple eye makeup done. I thought since I was so bored, I might as well try to copy that with my little makeup kit ( I remember it was an ADS one with everything possible. ADS? I KNOW! Just look at me hoarding all brands now! :P ). The result was quite good! From that day on, I decided to check how to apply other makeup and experimented with a lot of cheap makeup. I liked the way it transformed my look. I liked the way it gave me confidence as I badly lacked confidence because of my horrible acne story. One thing led to another and the next moment I know, I wanted to spread the confidence and beauty around me! Hence my blog was born! 

2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

-Melbourne, Australia. After my cousins migrated to Australia, I was very very lonely. I hardly had friends too and this affected me a lot. So Australia it is! <3

3. If you could act as the main lead in a movie, which movie would it be and why?

-There are so many.. really! Hmmm, Salt. I love the action, I love Angelina Jolie and her look in the movie! 

4. What is your favourite movie quote?

Not from a movie, but...

-" Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like an armor, and it can never be used to hurt you " - Tyrion Lannister, Game Of Thrones.

-" There is only one God and his name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death: Not today ". - GOT again. We cannot hate the series can we?

5. If you had to give up one forever which would be – lipstick or lipgloss?

-Since I leave my hair open most of the times, lip gloss any day! 

6. Who was your childhood hero?

-Orlando Bloom. When he played "Legolas" in " The Lord Of The Rings ".

7. If the sky is the limit, what would you like to do next?

-So many things that I want to do. I would love to do makeup on Celebrities, have my own line of it and own a salon too! *sigh*

8. What is your favourite makeup and skincare trick?

-Many up my sleeve. Out of all of them, I love myself some facial mist followed by a touch up. Makeup looks very fresh and stays longer! 

-Not exactly a skincare trick but Boroline is my life saver for MANY reasons! Curing chapped lips, dry skin, dry heels and elbows, cuts, wounds, correcting makeup mistakes.. everything! That too below INR 50/-.

9.Who is your favourite Disney cartoon character?

I use to love Cinderella and Snow White! 

10. What’s your favourite hobby (aside from blogging!)

-Aside from blogging, I love doing makeup on others! I've done makeup on lots of people and I really enjoy the process. I love to sing too. I sung a solo when I was in school and danced too. Now, I am learning a bit of hairdressing :P

My questions for the following nominated bloggers:

1. Did you ever think of starting your own beauty blog?
2. Are you a summer or winter person? Why?
3. A funny childhood memory that you would love to share?
4. Woops! Bad hair day! Solution?
5. Makeup, skin & haircare products that you would stock if they were discontinued. 
6. Favourite movie and why?
7. A walk in the beach at night or a long drive?
8. Tea or coffee?
9. Would you get inked? If yes, any particular design?
10. Have you influenced other family members/friends to change their beauty habits or encouraged them to do makeup?

I nominate:

1. Nivedita from Makeup&ChitChat
2. Urvi from MakeupXpressions
3. Ritam from BlushingShimmers
4.  Swathi from Curious&ConfusedMe
5. Anurima from KohlandStilettos
6. Shampita from TheRainbowLady
7. Monica from GlamourzGlitz
8. Megha from PerkyMegs
9. Preethy from PrettyKooll
10. Mariyam from TheMidnightBeauties
I would love to add another and that is Lana from CrazyBeautyLand. I want to add many LOL. Sorry guys :P

I even wanted to Nominate Sangeeta from BeautyNyx but she would have to again answer questions and think of nominating more people :P To be honest, Sangeeta does very honest reviews and I love blogs that are very honest. The blogs I nominated, I nominated them for their honesty and passion for blogging. They have also been quite regular with my blog! Thank you so much girls! Hope to hear your answers because I had a hard time with mine! 

Much Love, 
Emmy <3.


  1. Emmy, I loved reading your responses. And thank you so much for your kind words :)
    Reading your responses I see we do a lot in common. The "There is only one God quote from GOT" is my favourite in the series. And you will love Melbourne. My best friend is there and she raves about the place. I wish to go there someday.

    1. You're always welcome! ♡
      Who doesn't love GOT? Btw, I had been to Melbourne for a holiday for 2 months and I loved it there too! It's just the air you breathe in is sooo refreshing itself! Lots to love in Melbourne! xx

  2. Thanks a lot Lady. I feel like jumping on my bed now. This is my third nomination..Yoohooo ..

    1. Haha! Wow! Great going Shampita! I'm sure you have more to go as your blog is wonderful! ♡

  3. Aww thanks a lot :*
    Loved reading the post, lovely knowing more about you :* Ill try doing the post soon...

    1. Welcome Doll! Would love to read and know you more too! ♡

  4. like your blogging story and I am also suffering from bad acne days :(
    hey guys check this out its an interesting post

    1. I know how it feels! Don't worry, it is atleast curable!
      Will surely check your post! xx

  5. Thankyou soooo much for nominating me..I am going to do a post soon....:) :) :) :) :)

  6. Lovely write up! Thanks a lot for the nomination dear :*

    1. Thank you Doll! You deserve the nomination! ♡

  7. This is wonderful!!! Thank you so much!!

    Urvi from Makeupxpressions :)

  8. Oh my! Thank you so much! Err, I had done this before. But, the questions seem interesting. Let me check if I can answer them all. :P

    1. Haha! You need not answer it's alright. I know your answer to the tea or coffee one :P

    2. Haha! You need not answer it's alright. I know your answer to the tea or coffee one :P


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